• Hi there! My name is Brian Groudan. I’ve gained a strong foundation in product design, systems development, and user research through my studies at Carnegie Mellon University and internships at Mozilla and Boeing. These days, I work on PayTango, a better way to pay for things.

    More about me
    I started sharpening my senses at an early age as a violinist studying at the Manhattan School of Music Precollege. I now express my intense appreciation for our sensory world through the communicative power of design. I enjoy the challenge of crafting intuitive experiences that are carefully tailored to serve people’s behaviors and sometimes latent needs.

    What I’ve done
    I’ve trained myself to practice the creative process across a broad range of media. This past summer at Mozilla, I researched how people save and retrieve web content and delivered design solutions to enhance the Firefox user experience. During my junior year, I completed a semester-long capstone project for The Economist to envision their next-generation online debates platform. Before that, I led the usability direction of an enterprise crisis management system at Boeing. I approach each new obstacle with a unified front of creativity, adaptability, and empathy.

    I will be finishing up my degree in Information Systems, additional major in Human-Computer Interaction, and Communication Design minor at Carnegie Mellon University this year.

    Want to chat, pick my brain, play tennis, grab some tea? Drop me a line at bgroudan@cmu.edu or follow me on Twitter. Thanks for stopping by!


    I’m currently…
    Looking for full-time opportunities in interaction design. If your company needs a guy like me, please get in touch!

    Unavailable for freelance work.

    Building PayTango.

    Find me elsewhere
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